Sheriff Woody is a great hero, but he’s kind of an unlikely one. As we learn in the 1995 animated movie Toy Story, he’s definitely old-school and retro: a pull-string, somewhat beaten-up old doll from the 1950’s, one who has to compete with digital entertainment and flashy plastic toys that shoot lasers.

Sheriff Woody

His arms and legs are really skinny, too, and his joints jut out at awkward angles—sometimes as he walks and runs around you wonder how he even stands upright. But everyone who has followed this cowboy’s adventures knows that he is brave and loyal, willing to do anything for the child he belongs to, and for the other toys he lives with as well. Plus, he’s a really funny guy—even when he’s losing his patience and getting a little testy.

Sheriff Woody dolls come in a number of sizes and with a variety of features. Some are life-sized—that is, the same size the character is in the movies, which is to say about sixteen inches tall. Some of these toys talk when you pull a string on the back, speaking the phrases that the cowboy in the movie speaks.

And many of the most expensive Sheriff Woody toys are startlingly accurate representations of the movie character. The facial features are exact. These high end toys will cost about eighty dollars if you buy them brand new, although there are also plenty of online bargains available for slightly-used toys

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The more expensive Sheriff Woody dolls are also dressed for cowboy success. They include a sheriff’s badge, boots, a holster, a handkerchief that he can wear around his neck, and a soft fabric vest with the cow pattern that he always wears in the movies. You can even see the stitching in some of this cowboy apparel.

If you are looking for something a little less expensive, you can get Sheriff Woody figurines for ten dollars or less. These are often posable plastic action figures, and many of them come with props, such as a lasso. These action figures can be bought separately or purchased with a set of other beloved Toy Story characters, including the space explorer Buzz Lightyear.



Now, while dolls, action figures and figurines represent some of the most popular Sheriff Woody toys, there are plenty of other items available for purchase as well. You can find this character’s likeness on clothes, hats, Halloween costumes, wristwatches, lunch boxes, backpacks and all kinds of games. There are also video games in which you can play as Sheriff Woody.

Sheriff Woody toys are especially fun to buy because the Toy Story movies appeal to people of all ages, to boys and girls alike. Many of these toys are destined to become collector’s items. And people will no doubt be watching the Toy Story film series on home entertainment systems for years to come, which means these toys can be passed on to future generations.

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